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Issues We Work On


Nourish at 10C is not your ordinary kitchen, it’s a kitchen that prepares food with a purpose. To accomplish our goals we’ve embarked on numerous programs which support our community. The latest project we’re working towards was set forth by Smart Cities. An initiative helping empower communities to adopt approaches to improve the lives of their residents through innovation, data and connected technology. 



Guelph/Wellington is reimagining an inclusive food-secure ecosystem that increases access to affordable, nutritious food by 50%, where “waste” becomes a resource, 50 new circular businesses and collaborations are created, and circular economic revenues are increased by 50%.

Nourish is taking part in this economy by creating food and cleaning products made with food that would traditionally end up in the waste stream. These products include the spent grain produced by the brewing industry, citrus rinds left over from mass produced lemonade, and ugly fruit and vegetables that may not be suitable for sale at market. These foods are made into a variety of products such as granola, hummus, spice blends, and cleaning products. Nourish is also working to assist other businesses through our shared commercial kitchen and the Nourish Community Enterprise program.